Discover How to Homeschool
with Confidence this Year 
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Knowing You're Doing the Right Thing
AND Doing Enough!


Does this sound like you?


  • I need help with time management in my homeschool, family or home
  • I wish I had the confidence to know I'm homeschooling right, doing enough and had less anxiety.
  • My kids need help focusing.
  • My kids need to be motivated to homeschool
  • Trying to balance work and school is hard OR school and family OR kids and marriage. I could use some help.
  • There's so much clutter or so little space. I need help getting organized.
  • I need more self-discipline and more motivation to homeschool.
  • I know I need to be more consistent. I need help in planning ahead for homeschool.
If you said YES to any of these statements, you should join us for our first-ever Homeschool Planning Bootcamp. Each day we will have a challenge that you can accomplish that day and be more prepared to homeschool in 2022.
What do you say? 
Let's do this together. I will walk with you every day of our challenge.
Kerry Beck
How to Homeschool My Child
January 10-14, 2022
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5-Day Homeschool Planning Bootcamp

To fully prepare for the upcoming semester, join our FREE 5-Day Homeschool Planning Bootcamp.  Each day, you will plan out one part of your homeschool plan so you’re all ready for the semester.
  • Get Rid of Mom Overwhelm.
  • Stop Stressing over your Homeschool Plan.
  • Homeschool with Confidence this Semester.
  • Know you’re doing the Right Activities with Your Children.
  • Gain tools to Motivate your Kids & Help their Attitude
  • Get Organized. Manage Your Time. Set a Realistic Schedule.


NOTE: You will get an email each morning with the info & daily challenge. Each morning & evening, I will go live in our Facebook Group, but you don't need Facebook to complete your daily challenges.